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Social Security Retirement Age (Can I Retire at 65)

"After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I realized that working full time was no longer an option even though I was struggling financially and my medical bills were piling. It was at that time, a close friend recommended that I go speak with the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes regarding Social Security Disability. From the moment I walked into their office I felt very comfortable. All the attorneys were extremely helpful, caring, and attentive." — Juana Rivera

Concerned About Your Retirement Benefits And The Changes To Social Security?

If you have questions about the new changes to Social Security Disability law, come talk to the law firm of Reyes & Reyes at any time.

Although many of the government's changes are intended to decrease benefits, not give you more, we have the legal knowledge to help you make the most of the available options. We can also take advantage of every possible opportunity for you to retire early with benefits, if that is what you desire.

Are You Between 52 And 55 And Wondering About Retirement?

With decades of experience in Social Security Disability law, our attorneys for SSI and SSD in Dallas, Texas, and beyond know exactly what you need to do to plan for your future retirement. Our goal is to ensure that your bills are paid and your medical needs are met.

Are You 62 Or Close To 62? Talk To Us Before Talking To The Social Security Administration.

Turning to the Social Security Administration before consulting a skilled lawyer may end up costing you thousands of dollars and wasting your time. Instead, turn to our law firm. We may be able to help you get retirement benefits and disability benefits at the same time! Our firm has experience using SSD, SSI and retirement benefits together to help eligible clients who want to retire early.

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