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  • “I suffered a brain aneurysm on December 16, 2009, with complications which rendered me disabled. After being denied for SS disability benefits, I sought the help of Reyes & Reyes Law Firm. They gave me the personal help and respect that I needed. In a short period of time they got me my SS benefits. Thanks to them I have peace of mind.”


  • “I’m thankful that the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes won my disability case. I’m glad I hired them to be my attorneys. I appreciated that I always spoke to an attorney when I visited them to check on my case. I'm very pleased with the legal services that I received. I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family to go talk with your firm if anyone ever runs into any legal problems. Thank you so much.”


  • “I appreciate your taking the time to advise me today about various aspects of the social security system to apply in my case. You answered all my questions in an agreeable, thorough, and professional manner. I know that your time is valuable; yet, you didn't rush me but, instead, treated me as if I were an established client, reimbursing you for your excellent services. Indeed, the consultation you gave me was at no cost to me, and for that I am doubly grateful. Your staff treated me with the utmost courtesy, ushering me into your office within a short period after my arrival;I had expected to wait much longer. Thank you for making my visit to your firm today a pleasurable and enlightening experience. Sincerely,”


  • “After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I realized that working full time was no longer an option even though I was struggling financially and my medical bills were piling. It was at that time, a close friend recommended that I go speak with the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes regarding Social Security Disability. From the moment I walked into their office I felt very comfortable. All the attorneys were extremely helpful, caring, and attentive. Speaking to them was like speaking with my family. Words can’t express the gratitude that I feel for them. I appreciate all that they did to win my case. Thank you so much Reyes & Reyes. May God Bless All of You.”


  • “To all the Attorneys and Staff: Thank you so much for carrying my case for six years. All of you were always so kind and professional. May God Bless each and everyone of you. Sincerely,”


  • “I highly recommend your firm to anyone who is unsure of who to hire to handle their Social Security Disability case. Your family was very attentive to my needs. I felt very comfortable asking questions and my questions were always welcomed.”

    Georgina Medina

  • “Your family helped me out a lot! I am so very grateful and definitely would recommend your firm to all my friends and family. You all have been so incredibly great and helpful. I should have gone to you from the start of my journey when I became disabled and stopped working back in 2006. Regrettably, I went with another disability firm and not a day goes by that I don't regret that big mistake. The difference in the service from your firm was tremendous. I struggled with my disability case until a family member recommended that I go seek your firms help. Honestly, I didn't expect very much after having been disappointed so much by the other disability attorneys. All I wanted was some help and now I'm in disbelief and extremely pleased with the results your firm delivered. God Bless You all for all that you do!”

    Martha Rodriguez

  • “I'm very appreciative of your firm's help, attention, time and assistance with handling my disability case. I am a very satisfied client and highly recommend your firm.”

    Miguel Angel Andrade

  • “I was very satisfied with your services. All the attorneys and staff were all very attentive and very nice. I highly recommend your firm to all my family and friends.”

    Daniel Levario

  • “I would definitely recommend your law firm. I really appreciated how your firm handled my case and won it.”

    Soledad Mauricio

  • “This law firm has the nicest people and are very professional. We went to see them when we needed help with my husbands SS disability claim. They listened, asked their questions and made our experience a very easy process. Couldn't of filled out those forms without their expertise. I strongly recommend going to see them if you ever need any help with your Social Security issues. Thank you Reyes & Reyes, your family and employees are A1.”

    Diane L Green

  • “Very professional! The staff is very friendly and the lawyers are always on top of their game!”

    Jason Windell

  • “Reyes and Reyes, I'd like to say thanks so much for your help. A little kindness makes such a difference in a day and your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference in mine. Thank you all for all your help, God Bless you all! With appreciation and gratitude,”

    Maria M. Apodaca

  • “To all Attorneys at Reyes & Reyes, A special thank you and appreciation for your guidance during my visits to your office and the courtroom. All the attorneys always reminded me to bring them reports from my doctors. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers of gratitude. Thank you to you all so very much”

    Linda Martinez Adams

  • “Every time I came to your office I felt like I lived there, I felt welcome. Your office went above and beyond for me and you did everything I asked. Prayers and what I was going was going through, it was a change in scenery and the lawyers were part of the journey. With all my disorders, your group was professional and willing to help. Thank you.”

    Walter Baker, Jr.

  • “Very professional! The staff is very friendly and the lawyers are always on top of their game!”

    Jason Windell

  • “A fantastic group of lawyers and staff! Always thoughtful, respectful and professional. It started as an uphill battle to obtain my Social Security Benefits but with the expertise and determination of the Reyes & Reyes Law Firm, I finally received by benefits. A very sincere thanks to all of you.”

    Ron Schweitz

  • “With special thanks to all of you! To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do. For everything you've done for being the special people that you are. Thank you so very much. Keep up the hard work. I couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you all and may God Bless you always.”

    Raquel Ruiz

  • “I just wanted to take the time to thank all you very much for helping me win my disability case. I am extremely grateful for all your time and help in getting me my benefits and Medicare. All the attorneys at your firm are very kind and understanding. You guys are the best and I highly recommend your firm to all my friends and family. Again, thank you very much and may god bless you all.”

    Naomi Medina

  • “We would like to Thank all the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes for helping us out. You all truly have no idea what you all have done for us. Sincerely yours,”

    Tracy and Julian Orozco

  • “To all the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes, I wanted to to give you all a very big hug and say thank you to all of your outstanding attorneys and wonderful staff. I'm sincerely appreciative for all your support and guidance in achieving a successful outcome with my case and representation.”

    Christina A. Peet

  • “I have been and continue to be very satisfied with all the attorneys at Reyes & Reyes. I'd say I'm 100% satisfied with how you all handled my disability claim. You guys are great. I really appreciate all that you all have done for me. Thank you all very much! Best wishes!”

    Jame Schermerhorn IV

  • “Thank you all so very much for everything. With lots of Love.”

    Monica Rivera

  • “I would like to compliment your entire group of attorneys and staff for their compassion, patience, and professionalism. My previous employment left me with a distasteful impression of attorneys but your group of attorneys all have a talent of relating to clients in a very effective manner that results in trust and confidence. With such a large clientele, it didn't matter which attorney I spoke with because I felt as if I was speaking to the same individual. Your entire system is well organized and your entire staff is gracious and helpful. I will, without hesitation, recommend your firm to anyone and everyone.”

    Claudio Morales

  • “I highly recommend Reyes & Reyes Law Firm. You all are extremely professional. I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful that you all were there to help me with my disability case. May God bless you all.”

    Neal Gardener

  • “I loved how your firm handled my disability case. All the attorneys and staff were very helpful and informative. All of the attorneys helped explain complicated things in a very understandable way. I appreciated knowing what was going on and also was delighted how quickly you all were able to get my disability case approved. Awesome Job! Thank you all so very much.”

    Tomas Acosta

  • “I am extremely happy with all of the help and services I received with the attorneys and staff at the Reyes & Reyes Law Firm. I'm so relieved that they helped me navigate my disability case for me. I highly recommend this team of disability attorneys to all my friends and family”

    Jose Alvarez Jr.

  • “I appreciate everyone in your office helping me. I really liked the personal attention I received as well as the team effort used to win my case. I'm forever grateful for all your help.”

    Madhat Daioub

  • “You were there for me when I need someone to guide me with legal advice on my disability case. You were there to encourage me with legal advice on my disability case. You were there to encourage me not to give up and to wait patiently for determination. Your passion impacts on my life and on the lives of others. Thank you for your time and professional work. God Bless you all.”

    Josephine Chavez

  • “The experience of having Reyes & Reyes Law Firm handle my disability appeal was outstanding. They know what they are doing and I whole-heartedly 100% recommend them to handle any disability appeal case. Do yourself a big favor and remove any concerns or issues and go with Reyes & Reyes Law Firm to get it done. They are the answer to your prayers.”

    Sergio Orozco

  • “Trust and patience are two positive words to describe Reyes and Reyes Law Firm. Their team of attorneys are the best attorneys I know. I hired them to appeal my case and we won!”


  • “Dear Reyes & Reyes Law Firm, Thank you for handling my case. Your firm is outstanding. I will definitely pass on your wonderful help you have given me. With much gratitude. Sincerely yours, DLD, satisfied client in Tucson, AZ.”


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