Minimizing the risk that your SSDI claim will be denied

Social Security Disability Insurance is a safety net that nearly every working American should have access to if they need it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of SSDI claims are denied the first time they are submitted.

There are multiple opportunities to appeal a denied claim, but this takes considerable time and energy. If you know the common reasons why claims get denied, you may be able to prevent some of these missteps.

One of the most common reasons that an SSDI claims gets denied is that it is incomplete or lacks sufficient medical documentation. When you apply for benefits, you need to demonstrate that your disabling condition meets qualifying criteria and that it has left you unable to work. Therefore, it is important to provide any relevant documents related to diagnosis, prescription medications and physical limitations, among others.

Your claim may also be denied because you failed to follow directions from the Social Security Administration and/or your doctor. If you are not following your doctor’s care recommendations, the SSA will likely deny your claim. Your claim will also be rejected if you fail to comply with SSA filing directions or fail to provide requested documentation.

There are several other reasons why your claim may be denied, but those listed above are the most common. The good news is that all of these problems can be solved or minimized by seeking help from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. An SSD attorney can help you present the strongest possible claim and reduce the chances of unnecessary delays.