Major hotel chain part of plan to hire and train disabled workers

There are many things that those living with disabilities find more difficult to do than those who do not have disabilities. In some cases, finding a job falls into that category. While the economy has made it difficult for many to find employment over the course of the last few years, this is the norm for many who are disabled.

To address this issue various organizations are taking steps to improve the landscape for disabled individuals who can and want to work. Several groups in another state are banking on disabled workers being a good fit in the hospitality business. To that end they are working with Courtyard by Marriot to construct and run a hotel that in addition to employing disabled workers will also provide educational opportunities.

The hotel, which is expected to open in mid 2015, will be connected to a convention center and will include a parking ramp and restaurant. In addition, space for two businesses will be available in the lobby. Those businesses will be owned by disabled individuals. The facility is expected to exceed standards created by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Once open, a minimum of 20 percent of the individuals employed to work at the hotel will be disabled. In addition to individuals with physical disabilities, those with developmental disabilities will be hired as well. The jobs for which they will be eligible vary and include management positions.

Of course there are some individuals residing in the Dallas area who despite having a desire to work are unable to do so. These individuals may be eligible to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Assistance in obtaining these benefits may be provided by a lawyer.

Source: Disability Scoop, “People With Disabilities Impetus For New Teaching Hotel,” Michelle Diament, March 10, 2014