Are disability benefits an option for those with schizophrenia?

While the exact cause or causes of schizophrenia are unknown, the effects the illness can have on a person's life are certainly well documented. From hallucinations and delusions to memory issues and trouble focusing, those living with schizophrenia -- or helping to care for someone with the illness -- know just how trying the brain disorder can be.

In terms of mental health, our society has come a long way in terms of treatment. However, currently, none of these treatments cures someone from having schizophrenia. Rather, medications and treatments, such as self-help groups and cognitive behavioral therapy, are just some of the ways of coping with the symptoms. Again, there is no cure and schizophrenia is a lifelong, chronic illness.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 1 percent of the U.S. population has schizophrenia. The brain disorder also knows no barriers to gender, as men and women are equally affected. For most with the disorder, symptoms start between the ages of 16 and 40.

For those living with this disorder, maintaining relationships and steady employment may be difficult, if not impossible. This is why those with schizophrenia are often encouraged to reach out to a Social Security disability attorney to see what benefits they may qualify for.

Of course, receiving benefits will not take away from the severity of the disorder. However, benefits can lessen some of the financial stress felt by someone with the disorder. Since every situation is different though, those who want to learn more about disability qualifications should reach out to an attorney to talk more about their specific situation.