Appealing an SSD claim denial

Generally, a person's greatest fear when they submit an application for something is that they will receive a denial in response to the application. Sadly, this is a fear that becomes a reality for many Social Security Disability applicants when it comes to their initial application. Initial claims denials are incredibly common in the SSD world. Some estimates have put the initial denial rate for SSD and SSI claims at around 90 percent.

It is natural to feel disappointed after receiving an SSD claim denial. It is always discouraging when an application you put hard work into initially proves unsuccessful. You may also be worried about your future.

Thankfully, after receiving an SSD claim denial, a person doesn't have to just give up and forget about ever being able to receive benefits. Claim denials can be appealed.

There are several different stages of SSD appeals, including the disability reconsideration stage, the hearing stage, the appeals council review stage and the federal district court review stage. Each stage has its own set of procedures connected to it and success at any one of these stages can lead to a person getting the benefits they need.

Our firm can help individuals who are going through the process of appealing an SSD claim denial. We have extensive experience in SSD matters and a strong understanding of the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits and the various procedures of the appeals process.

For more information on the help our firm can provide to individuals who have had an SSD claim denied, see our Social Security Disability denials page.